Why we got a dog

Updated: May 20, 2020

We're a resilient family.

Im a single mom of 5.

Who, 4 years ago, has quit her job as a software consultant to start a business as a web design consultant, without any knowledge of running a business.

Since then we as a family, has gone through a LOT of changes. We finally got to a position where we felt more stable.

We found a great area to live in, made friends, and received a ton of support from the community.

As we managed our day to day chaos while somehow managing a routine, I noticed something.

I was very very lonely. And I wanted emotional support for me and the kids.

So I started with plants, that didn't help the problem much.

I wanted a dog, everyone I know, immediately said no. It's too much. DONT do it. So I dropped the idea of getting a dog and did what any other person would do, stalk dog accounts on instagram.


Josh The Doodle

One Tail At A Time

Then one day, we were driving around, running errands, just left Home Depot and came across a pet store.

Child One: Ma! We should get fish!

Child Two and Three: Yes, let's get fish!

Me: Let's just take a look.

IMMEDIATE RED FLAG. Never just take a look with your kids with you and sales people just waiting and ready for you to spend your money with them.

As we prepare ourselves to get fish, we're immediately get shut down with our fish care ignorance.

Are you ready for a fish?
Do you have an aquarium?
NO! You have to have an aquarium with a filter and water in it with the filter running for like a week before you get fish.

Tears, children's tears everywhere.

So I decide to look at other pets, keep the peace, so I don't embarrass myself in this Pet Store. But I have to assume the employees are pretty much used to this dilemma it's just a matter of who wants to be the bad guy and break the bad news to the family today.

Long story short, we walk. out with two robo hamsters. The smallest hamsters ever. Literally look like mice but a little cuter. Which is probably why we were afraid to pick them up...

...a week later one robo hamster, Bob, died. We don't know why, we assumed he choked on a sunflower seed.

So we held a memorial for Bob and got another hamster. Well 2, Chili and Kirby.

Then a bunny, and a second one, because we didn't want the first one to be lonely.

You can see where this was going......a huge mess.

Then we moved and couldn't keep our bunnies (thanks landlord -_-) and our hamsters got lost a few times and sick.

So we took a break from it all. And the dog idea popped back up.

Dont Do It!
It's $1000's to keep a dog.
Vet Bills!!!! Vaccines!!! Neutered!!!

So....I got a cat. And I learned day one, that I'm not a cat person, but I will try.

To this day, we still have Lloyd, love him very much, but I am still not a cat person.

To get Apollo, I was obsessed with getting a dog. I was tracking people down, I was searching through all my resources and I got him.

Everyone, meet Apollo.

Apollo is a 6 month old, red nose pit bull.

I chose a pit bull because they are the number 1 dogs that get sent to the shelter. They are the most mistreated animal. But more importantly, with love and care, they are literally the happiest dogs in the world.

So here we are a dog family. Well a cat, dog and guinea pig family.

Now our new chaos is dog chaos. This is where Sticks and Paws comes in.

We started off dog training like most pet owners when they start, on YouTube. Searching endlessly through different trainers, licensed ones, made up ones and even dog breeder videos. Breed specific training, treats training, clicker training, verbal positivity training. It all made my head work. Some people ACTUALLY suggested hitting and gripping the bottom jaw dog with your thumb to prevent biting. I felt myself giving up so I "took a break" from training Apollo.

Then the repercussions of that decision manifested.

  • Lots of poop, in the house.

  • Painful walks, super painful dragging and pulling (my shoulder got dislocated)

  • Nibbling everyone and everything.

  • The worse of it was the jumping and scratching.

And from a pit bull, and the rumors of owning a pit bull, this was actually a blessing, because the one thing I didn't see from Apollo, was aggression.

There's hope for us and Apollo. And right when we were getting ready to find a local trainer, we were hit with the pandemic and the stay at home order. So I needed a solution and fast.

Sticks and Paws allows families to find the right trainer for their dog and book on demand. So when you need help you can get help right away.

We are launching in the next few weeks and we need your help. To book trainers for dog training we actually need to recruit trainers, so if you know any dog loving people that's really good with training dogs or actual professional dog trainers send them our way!


Founder of Sticks and Paws

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